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File-Based Protection (Traditional Antivirus)

File-Based Protection
Traditional signature and heuristic file scanning engines form the backbone of Symantec’s security solutions; these engines use dozens of techniques to scan files for both known as well as unknown threats.
Definitions Created: 24/7/17
Definitions Released: 24/7/17
Extended Version: 24/7/17 rev. 19
Definitions Version: 190724s
Sequence Number: 186525
Number of Signatures: 7,892,649
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Network-Based Protection (IPS)

Network-Based Protection
Technologies designed to block attacks just as they transition from the network cable or wireless network to the computer, before they have a chance to establish residency in a physical file on a user’s computer. Also called Network Threat Protection.
Definitions Released: 24/7/17
Extended Version: 24/7/17 rev. 1
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Behavior-Based Protection

Behavior-Based Protection
Behavioral-based protection technology observes actively running threats on your computer and can terminate running programs if they exhibit malicious behaviors; this technology provides proactive protection from entirely new, previously unseen attacks. Also called Proactive Threat Protection.
Definitions Released: 21/7/17
Extended Version: 19/7/17 rev. 1
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Reputation-Based Protection (Insight)

Reputation-Based Protection
Blocks access to malicious files and websites based on the “crowd-based” wisdom of over 175M+ million customers.
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